Quick Setup Instructions to play Battlefield 2142

Published 9-4-2018
STEP 1: Install your original Battlefield 2142 game Due to Copyright laws we are not allowed to distribute any Electronic Arts software. Please purchase your legal copy of Battlefield from EA. STEP 2: Install EA's BF2142 Patches These are the official EA patches, which is required to play the game. If your game is lower that 1.50 install 1.50 then 1.51, otherwise just install 1.51. Instructions: Download them and install them. Name Size Mirrors 1.50 525MB ModDB Google Mega 1.51 1.95GB ModDB Google Mega STEP 3: Install OpenSpy In order to play, your game needs to be able to connect to a master server to bypass the login screen and to see the available servers. *** Before applying any redirects, make a backup copy of your BF2142.exe and your RendDX9.dll so you dont have to reinstall the game*** Instructions: In your Battlefield 2142 folder: Rename your RendDx9.dll to RendDX9_ori.dll then and extract the zip to the same bf folder. Name Size Mirrors OpenSpy 4.73kb OpenSpy


BF2142 HUB: This app allows you to download custom maps, patch the game, and much more. BF2142 Hub MAP PACKS: Instead of downloading the maps individually you can download these mappacks. Simply extract the zip to your C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142\mods\bf2142\Levels folder Name Size Downloads AllInOne 3.64GB - - - MediaFire MapPackV2 3.13GB ModDB Google Mega - MapPackV3 1.25GB - Google Mega Mediafire

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Q: I get a black screen when i launch my game. Just opens then closes. A: Try to install the
C++ Redistributable its a prerequisite of the game. Discord: https://discord.gg/vNdGY5S Teamspeak: TS48.gameservers.com:9142 Website: https://battlefield2142.co