Published 9-4-2018
STEP 1: Install your original Battlefield 2142 game Due to Copyright laws we are not allowed to distribute any Electronic Arts software. Please purchase your legal copy of Battlefield from EA. STEP 2: BF2142 EA Patches These are the official Electronic Arts patches, which you are required to patch your game up to 1.51 in order to play Note: If your game is lower that 1.50 you don't have to install all the patches just install 1.50 and 1.51 Name Size Downloads 1.05 22MB EA - - - 1.06 22MB EA - - - 1.10 33MB EA - - - 1.20 274MB EA - - - 1.24 288MB EA - - - 1.25 288MB EA - - - 1.40 368MB EA - - - 1.50 525MB EA ModDB Google Mega 1.51 1.95GB - ModDB Google Mega STEP 3: BF2141 Redirects In order to play, your game needs to be able to connect to a master server to bypass the login screen and to see the available servers. What you use depends on what works best for you, but you ONLY need to do one of these options. *** Before applying any redirects, make a backup copy of your BF2142.exe and your RendDX9.dll so you dont have to reinstall the game*** If you change between redirects, make sure to undo your previous redirect. That's the reason for your backups. Name Size Downloads Notes Instructions OpenSpy 4.73kb OpenSpy Current In your C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142\ folder: Rename your RendDx9.dll to RendDX9_ori.dll, and extract the zip to the same bf folder. NovGames 1.84MB NovGames Optional In your C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142\ folder: Replace the BF2142.exe with the BF2142.exe in the zip file. GameRanger 112kb Gameranger Patches Backup Install GameRanger, create an account and either host or join a room to play. GameRanger patch is only required if you want to run windowed mode.


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2142 Hub A developer create an app that may make your life a little easier. From this app you can download individual maps, patch the game, and much more. Name Size Downloads Tutorial BF2142 Hub 548kb ModDB YouTube Custom Maps In addition to the standard maps that EA made, enthusiasts created their own maps. You can either download these mappacks or download them individually. Some servers run these maps and only required if you play on those servers. To install: Extract the zip to your C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142\mods\bf2142\Levels folder Name Size Downloads AllInOne 3.64GB - - - MediaFire MapPackV2 3.13GB ModDB Google Mega - MapPackV3 1.25GB - Google Mega Mediafire Individual Maps panorama-2142 tgw-operation-clean-sweep tgw-operation-amos